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We recently had to make the decision to get my father into an assisted living home which was a tough decision in itself.

To make matters worse we were running into a brick wall with multiple companies when it came to selling his annuity. He told us that it was impossible and I understand why he felt that way. He had been in contact with four companies that said that he wasn’t qualified and they wouldn’t be able to handle his annuity funding.

Apparently, his particular situation was,”beyond complicated”. Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated. The reason we went to these companies in the first place was because they were supposed to be the experts. It wasn’t until I got in contact with an attorney, about another matter, that I was able to find a solution. He told me about and within weeks they had come up with a solution to what seemed to be an impossible problems.

Bravo guys, in an industry that seems to be filled with incompetence, you were able to provide quality customer service, put up with a very frustrated individual and get the job done. If it weren’t for this company we may have never been able to get the funding. Since the transaction has been completed we were able to handle some of my fathers medical costs and get some estate planning done or him as well. I’m beyond relieved to be done with the whole process and to my surprise, there was a happy ending.

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Structured Settlement Quotes – Structured Settlements Quotes

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